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Solar Orbiter

Solar Orbiter was designed to scrutinise the Sun in unprecedented detail.

BepiColombo – Mission to the mysterious planet

Airbus Defence and Space includes capacity building for Earth observation.

Exploring the mysteries of space

History of Airbus space exploration programmes, including Ulysses, Mars Express, Rosetta, Gaia, and BepiColombo.

LISA Pathfinder

Airbus Defence and Space engineers have a key role for LISA Pathfinder.


Airbus is developing and building JUICE (JUpiter ICy moons Explorer).

Mars Express

Mars Express has given scientists an entirely new view of Earth's neighbor.

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Solar Orbiter reaches for our star


Solar Orbiter ready for its close-up with the Sun


Airbus-built CHEOPS satellite successfully launched on Soyuz


Fifty years ago: the successful launch of the Azur research satellite

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Airbus built Solar Orbiter heads for the Sun in Florida

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Airbus brings a SMILE to ESA

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